Pools For Less offers fiberglass pool kits for sale in Jacksonville, FL. Our do-it-yourself pool kits contain everything you need to install an inground fiberglass pool in your backyard. Delivery and professional installation are available in Daytona Beach, Tampa, Miami and throughout Florida.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Unlike traditional concrete pools, fiberglass pools are non-porous and naturally resist stains, bacteria, and fungus. And inground fiberglass swimming pools are not only more durable and longer lasting than concrete, but they are also simpler and less costly to maintain. Our quality fiberglass pools are manufactured with a high-quality polyester resin that is so strong that our pools come with a lifetime structural guarantee. They can expand up to 12 inches making them an excellent choice in any climate. Also, there are no liners to replace or need for refinishing that is often required with other pool surfaces.

Fiberglass Pools for Sale

We have a large selection of fiberglass pools for sale in a variety of eye-pleasing shapes, colors, and sizes to fit any size property for a lot less than the cost of a traditional concrete pool. The fiberglass pool shell is prefabricated in a factory to exact specifications that make DIY installation easy. Just add the pool pump and any additional accessories to create the perfect designer pool.

Do-it-Yourself Pool Kits

Our do-it-yourself pool kits make installing your inground fiberglass pool easier than you think. Each kit will be delivered to your home containing the fiberglass pool shell, instructions, and everything you need for your installation. It’s a fun weekend project for your family or a few friends. Don’t forget to check with your municipality to determine permitting requirements. Then decide where you want to install the pool and dig the hole for the pool. Next, place the fiberglass pool shell in the hole. Backfill the area surrounding the pool. Lastly, connect the plumbing, pool pump, automatic cleaner, and any optional lights and accessories that you ordered. Then you’re ready to fill the pool with water and enjoy. We can also arrange for professional pool installation too.

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