There is no better way to spend the hot summer months in Atlanta, GA than swimming in your pool. With temperatures soaring to over 90°F and extremely humid conditions, splashing around the pool is the best way to cool off after a long hot day. And with advances in technology, our do it yourself fiberglass pool kits for sale make it easy for any homeowner to install a swimming pool for a fraction of the cost of traditional in-ground pools.

In fact, homeowners in Atlanta, GA can save thousands with do it yourself fiberglass pool kits. All you need are a few standard tools, a long weekend and a little help from family and friends and you can successfully install an in-ground fiberglass swimming pool yourself. Our fiberglass pool kits for sale have everything you need, including a designer pool style of your choice, pool pump, all necessary parts and complete step-by-step instructions. It’s a fun project for the do it yourselfer that will save thousands of dollars. A professional contractor is not required; however, we do offer an installation option for homeowners that want the cost savings without the work.

At Pools for Less, we have a variety of swimming pools for sale in all kinds of designer shapes and styles to choose from. Fiberglass pools are much more durable and longer lasting than concrete. Plus, fiberglass is naturally bacteria resistant so you don’t have the constant scrubbing to remove algae as you do with concrete surfaces. Maintaining a fiberglass pool is easy allowing you to spend more time enjoying it.

Once you choose your fiberglass pool kit, the next step is to dig a hole in the ground for your pool. So before you order, make sure you choose a pool size that will fit in your desired location. There are a variety of local contractors that can clear the land and do the digging to fit your desired pool size in your backyard. When the pool kit arrives just follow the directions for sinking the fiberglass pool in the ground and connecting the electrical to your pool pump and lighting.

Check out our large selection of fiberglass pool kits for sale in Atlanta, GA. To order your beautiful new swimming pool today, contact us at (386) 775-7914.