Situated along the southeastern seaboard, the diverse landscape of North Carolina stretches from the majestic Appalachian Mountains to the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Surprisingly, the state has a mild temperate climate with favorable swimming conditions for most of the year. Although North Carolina doesn’t really have distinct wet and dry seasons, temperatures can vary depending on elevation.

As a result, many North Carolinian homeowners have a swimming pool in their backyard. And since homeowners prefer an in-ground pool that is affordable and is as aesthetically pleasing as durable, many are opting for a fiberglass swimming pool. Aside from affordability, fiberglass pools for sale in North Carolina have distinct advantages.

Low maintenance: The gel coat surface of fiberglass pools is nonporous. It is naturally resistant to algae and other types of bacteria. This makes it much easier to maintain a clean and safe swimming pool.

Quick Installation: The fact that the fiberglass pool shell is pre-fabricated in a single piece and ready to install into the ground shaves weeks off the installation time of traditional pools. There are no cement trucks tearing up the yard and no waiting for the cement to cure. Most fiberglass pools can be installed in a long weekend.

Smooth surface: The surface of traditional concrete pools is rough and abrasive. They can tear up your skin when you touch the bottom or climb out of the pool. On the other hand, fiberglass pools have a smooth surface making it a more enjoyable experience.

DIY fiberglass pool installation, or professional installation: Homeowners who are familiar with plumbing and electrical systems may prefer to do their own fiberglass pool installation as a weekend project with their family and friends. We provide a complete instruction guide and offer telephone assistance every step of the way.

For those who prefer, we also offer professional installation. Once the pool arrives at your home, our professional installers will install it for you. Whether you are choosing DIY or professional installation, simply choose from the many fiberglass pools for sale in North Carolina in the size and style that is best for your home.

Delivery and installation is available in the following cities:

 Asheboro
 Ashville
 Chapel Hill
 Charlotte
 Concord
 Durham
 Fayetteville
 Greensboro
 Raleigh
 Shelby
 Wilson
 Winston-Salem
 and more.

To browse our selection of fiberglass pools for sale in North Carolina, including in Asheboro, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Durham and Raleigh, contact us at (386) 775-7914 or visit us online today!