Would you want to get stuck with a pool and wish you would have added certain features to it after it’s already built?

Now at Pools For Less during our pool layout phase we usually preplan for ideas you might have later. Like a waterfall, slide, etc. But has there ever been a time where you purchase one thing and just wished later you would have purchased something else with it?

Most people have an idea of what they want for a swimming pool. It generally will sound something like this “I want a good size swimming pool, I want it to have lights, and a good filter and pump, also maybe a slide…” Now usually that will be the most common pool we do is the one I just described.

We go over other options and things we recommend but for some people they don’t see it as a necessary things to have until after they finally own a pool and realize they should have added some things.

Let’s go over the 5 top things I think every swimming pool owner should have.

1. Pool cleaner: An automatic pool cleaner is by far the most useful item that you can purchase for your swimming pool. Every pool owner that has one says it’s a must for constant maintenance of your pool. An automatic pool cleaner is how it sounds. You drop the cleaner in your fiberglass pool and it runs across t the floors and walls to pick up all the debris. Check out this awesome pool cleaner video here to get a first hand look.

2. Auto filler: this is one thing that most people don’t ever consider getting for there pool. Even after I recommend it people still feel its not a necessity. A automatic filler is attached near your skimmer and when your water level starts to lower the auto filler fills your pool back up. Most people will tell me “oh ill just throw my water hose each time in there no bigge.” I don’t know about you but the little mandatory task in life seems to get annoying and frustrating over time. So having a auto filler might be a good idea.

3. Handrail: a handrail is something we usually don’t put on our pools unless a customer wants it. Most customers of ours tend not to have a hard time getting in and out of our pools. But customers that might have had a injury or our a little older might really find a handrail beneficial for getting in and out of the pool. For what ever reason you might fine if difficult getting in and out of your fiberglass pool then a handrail is something you should have.

4. Salt system: We have several articles on the benefits of getting a salt water pool. Maintenance for one, also lower chemicals. Most people don’t even know what a salt water pool is. Just the way it sounds, sounds cool if you ask me. Check out these several links to articles and videos to grasp if salt water is right for you. What is a salt water pool??

5. Heater: Most people don’t even get a heater which to me doesn’t make sense. Some people think “oh I don’t need a heater its summer time, that’s what a pool is for.” Or the other spectrum of people “it cost too much”. Which people are right it is summer and you’re most likely not going to use it but there will those windy or chilly nights where having your water several degrees higher is going to make the world of a difference. Put it this way would you get into a freezing bath to relax or do you adjust the temperature to where it suits your body. Now if cost is the issue when getting your heater no worries. A heater is a easy add on to your pool once you’re able to acquire one.

We hope this article has helped on features that you might not have thought of getting with your fiberglass swimming pool.