With a humid and mostly sunny tropical climate and mild winters, South Carolina has one of the best climates for swimming pools. In fact, the State receives only between forty and eighty inches of precipitation, on average, annually.

The forecast in South Carolina is easy to predict: Sunny and warm. That’s because South Carolina is sunny most of the year. At night, there are light breezes and comfortable temperatures. Since its climate constantly stays above freezing temperatures, South Carolina rarely experiences snow.

Due to its warm climate, South Carolina residents can enjoy an in-ground swimming pool year-round. Also referred to as the “permanent pool”, fiberglass pools have become increasingly popular due to its affordability and durability. 

Advantages of Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Swimming pools made of fiberglass have non-porous surfaces; thus, preventing the growth of algae, bacteria and stains. With the non-porous surface, a fiberglass swimming pool is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Whether you are using salt or fresh water, it will have no effect on the fiberglass shell. Salt and chlorine have abrasive effects on concrete surfaces, therefore requiring periodic resurfacing. This is not the case when you choose a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass pools for sale in South Carolina are available in a variety of sizes and designer styles. You can have the appearance of a custom pool at a fraction of the price.

DYI vs. Professional Installation

A DIY pool installation is often less expensive than a professional pool installation. In fact, fiberglass swimming pools for sale in South Carolina are designed for easy installation. The entire installation kit is shipped directly to the property. So DIY can be a great option for someone who is handy and knows their way around plumbing and electrical systems.

Delivery and installation available in these South Carolina communities:

  • Charleston
  • Greeneville
  • Columbia
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Anderson
  • Conway
  • Easely
  • Florence
  • Goose Creek
  • Summerville
  • Rock Hill
  • Lexington
  • And More

On the other hand, hiring a professional fiberglass pool installer gives you peace of mind and the convenience of having someone who has done this many times before install the pool quickly and safely. Plus, professional installers have the necessary tools and equipment to perform a perfect installation. Also, the professional installation of fiberglass pools is less expensive than traditional concrete pools. This is because the pool ships in one ready-to-install unit. There is no concrete pouring or waiting for the cement to dry.

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