Aside from being long-lasting, low in maintenance and extremely durable, fiberglass swimming pools are relatively easy to install. All you need is the willingness to do it yourself and some basic knowledge of digging and plumbing. Installing a DIY fiberglass pool from Pools For Less is not only very rewarding, it saves a lot of time and money. Unlike a traditional concrete pool that is built and poured on-site, a fiberglass pool is shipped ready to install anywhere in the United States. All you need to do is sink it in the ground, install the pool pump and just add water. You can also buy a DIY fiberglass pool with professional installation if you desire and still save a ton of money.

The introduction of DIY fiberglass pools has made the ownership of an in-ground swimming pool extremely affordable and flexible. And fiberglass in-ground swimming pools can increase the property value of your home making it a worthwhile investment.

Although installation is relatively easy, you do need to be careful to avoid cutting corners which could lead to leaks. That’s why you want to ensure that you purchase a quality fiberglass pool that comes with a clear set of guidelines and step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

Selecting your DIY Fiberglass Pool

Browsing all of the different sizes, shapes and styles makes picking out a DIY fiberglass pool fun and interesting. There are a variety of designer styles to choose from and they are a fraction of the cost of a traditional concrete pool. Take a look at our online gallery and pick out the pool design you like best.

Pick a size, any size

One of the great advantages of a DIY fiberglass pool is that they are available in a variety of sizes which is great for properties with limited space in the backyard. This is especially good news for properties that are too small for a traditional concrete pool because heavy equipment can’t access the space. Our fiberglass pools range in sizes from 7’6” x 14’ x 3’6” all the way up to 14’ x 30’ and larger.

Low Maintenance

A DIY in-ground fiberglass pool will be one of the best property investments you will make. You will have years of worry-free enjoyment without having to replace the liners or refinish the pool every eight years.

Installing a DIY in-ground fiberglass pool is easier than you may think. Browse our online pool gallery or contact us at (386) 775-7914 to order today! Ask us about professional installation.