How You Can Save Thousands with a Do-It-Yourself Fiberglass Pool Kit

Escape the heat and save thousands with our do-it-yourself fiberglass pool kits for sale in Orlando, FL and delivery to Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Daytona Beach. Not only will you save money on a designer swimming pool, but it can even increase the value of your home. These in-ground pools are exquisite and are more durable and a whole lot less costly to maintain than traditional concrete pools. And if you’re handy around the house, installation will be a breeze. Just follow our step-by-step instructions that are included in every pool kit. Our support staff is available to answer questions and professional installation is also available.

Fiberglass pools for sale

Our fiberglass swimming pools for sale in Orlando are made from durable fiberglass and come in a variety of attractive designer shapes, styles and colors. And with sizes ranging from 10’ x 20’ to over 14’ x 30’, we have swimming pools for any home.

Do-it-yourself pool kits

Our do-it-yourself pool kits make installation easy. First, decide where the pool will be installed on your property like in the backyard, for example, and measure the dimensions of the area. Be sure to check with your locality to obtain any required permits before you begin. Next, order your desired swimming pool. It will arrive within 7-10 days and we offer delivery to Orlando, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville and Tampa. Then you will need to dig a hole large enough for the in-ground fiberglass pool shell you have ordered. When your pool kit arrives gather a few friends to help sink the pool into the ground and attach the pool pump, stairs, lights and other accessories. Having some knowledge about plumbing and electrical work is helpful. We also offer professional installation for a nominal fee. After your pool is installed sit back, relax and enjoy your brand new swimming pool.

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